Race Schedule

This is a point-to-point stage race from Magnolia Trailhead to Beals Point. The shuttle and boat transfer are included with your race entry fee.

The Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic Course Route

Start End Notes
Parking and Check-In Beals Point (map) Opens at 6:00 am.
Please note it is $12 for parking at Beals Point.
Shuttle Loading Shuttle starts loading at 6:30 am.
Shuttle leaves by 7:15 am.

Beals Point (map) Magnolia Trailhead (map) The shuttle for you and your bike is included with your race entry.
Stage #1

Stage map
Magnolia Trailhead (map) Cronan Ranch (map) Group start, 7.8 miles long
1,345 ft vert gain
Race starts at 8:30 am.
Transfer #1

Transfer map Cronan Ranch (map) Cronan Ranch (map) No actual transfer. Just a break before the downhill.
Stage #2

Stage map
Cronan Ranch (map) Skunk Hollow (map) Individual start, 7.7 miles long
851 ft vert gain, 1,200 ft total vert loss
Cutoff time to start Stage #2 is 10:00 am.*
Transfer #2

Transfer map Skunk Hollow (map) Darrington Trail (map) Short transfer across Salmon Falls Road.
Stage #3

Stage map
Darrington Trail (map) Peninsula Campground (map) Individual start, 8.3 miles long
806 ft vert gain
Cutoff time to start Stage #3 is 11:30 am.*
Transfer #3

Transfer map Peninsula Campground (map) Beeks Bight (map) We will ferry you and your bike via pontoon boat!
Stage #4

Stage map
Beeks Bight (map) Beals Point (map) Boatload starts, 7.9 miles
951 ft vert gain
Cutoff time to start Stage #4 is 1:30 pm.*
*Riders must be ready to start the Stage by the listed start time. If riders are unable to do so, they and their bike will be SAGed forward to the next stage where they may continue with the race. We are doing this because this race is in the Sacramento area in the middle of August, and we don't want anyone keeling over!
All racers will end up at Peninsula Campground, and even if they do not make the cutoff to start Stage #4, they will get a boat ride straight to Beals Point.

Race Categories

Space is limited to 200 people! Given that we need buses, box trucks and boats to do the shuttle and boat transfer for each racer, it is capped at 200 racers. No refunds. If you need to transfer your registration to another person, it is a $15 transfer fee.

Race entry includes:

  • Trail first aid kit from our title sponsor, Santa Cruz Bicycles
  • Shuttle for you and your bike to the start line
  • Four stages of chip timed trail racing
  • Transfer via boat for you and your bike across Folsom Lake
  • Post-race wood fired pizza from El Fira Wood Fired Foods
  • Race t-shirt from MeshMash
  • Post-race beer from Yolo Brewing Company
  • Beer garden supporting Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition (FATRAC)
  • Podium prizes from our title sponsor, Santa Cruz Bicycles

The Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic Race Categories

Male Categories Female Categories
Single Speed Open (Combined Male and Female)
Pro / Open Pro / Open
Junior Expert 18 & Under Junior Expert 18 & Under
Expert 19 - 34 Expert 19 - 34
Expert 35 - 44 Expert 35 & Over
Expert 45 & Over
Sport 34 & Under Sport 34 & Under
Sport 35 - 44 Sport 35 & Over
Sport 45 & Over
2-Person Team Male 2-Person Team Female
2-Person Team Coed
*We reserve the right to combine categories based on registration numbers.

Each person in a 2-Person team must do two of the four Stages, but teams may divide them up however they want. (e.g. Person #1 does Stages #1 & #2, or #1 & #3, etc.) Each team will be issued a resusable RFID chip that must be handed off to the other team member. Race entry for teams includes shuttle to the start and boat transfer for one person, and beer, pizza, and fun for both people.

The Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic Pricing

July 31
Aug 1
to Aug 16
Aug 16
Individual Entry $95 $120 You're outta luck!
2-Person Team $145 $170 You're outta luck!
Space is limited to 200 people!



Heck yeah it is... it's going to be awesome!
Your time will begin on Stage #1 after you roll over the timing mat at the start line, and it will stop when you get to the end of Stage #1. Take a breather, debrief with friends... and when you're ready, your time will start again when you begin Stage #2. Bomb through that, and your time will stop again when you get to the Skunk Hollow Parking Lot. Rinse and repeat for Stages #3 and #4. :-) This means you can cross Salmon Falls Road safely, and enjoy the boat transfer without worrying about your time. We encourage you to keep moving through the course, but you do not have scheduled or mandatory start times.
A short travel (Trail/XC) mountain bike will be best over the course of all four stages. A hardtail will also do well under a skilled rider and a long travel trail/enduro bike will be fun on these trails.
Yes, at the end of Stage #2 (Salmon Falls Bridge) and at the end of Stage #3 (Peninsula Campground / Boat Ferry).
Yes, but your entry includes the cost of the shuttles and cars may not be parked at the Magnolia Trailhead parking lot all day. We will not have a shuttle back to the start area after the finish of the race. And c'mon, it's more fun to ride up there with your friends!
Even though we break the course down into smaller bite-sized, eight mile segments, keep in mind this is still a 32 mile epic Trail/XC race. Not something that is usually available to Beginners. It's August, it will get hotter the longer you're out there, and make it even tougher to get through. This should be an enjoyable event, so pair up with a buddy and race as a team!
The Cronan Ranch trail system (Stage #1 and some of Stage #2) will be closed to the public until 11:00 am. So race hard and keep moving. Be aware of other trail users on Stages #3 and #4.
We will have jugs with ice water, and a jug of Cranked Naturals, and various Clif and Honey Stinger products available at each Aid Station. Some Aid Station coordinators may be adding their personal flair, so keep you eye out for things like bacon, snow cones, and various boat/water themed treats.
Beals point has 62 camping spots within walking distance of the race finish! Go to the ReserveCalifornia Website to reserve your spot. If "roughing it" isn't quite your style, then a.) what are you doing mountain biking?, and b.) please checkout Visit Folsom for cushier accommodations. ;-)

About The Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic

  • The Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic is the brainchild of Santa Cruz / Fox / Shimano Pro mountain biker Clint Claassen and his wife Jennifer with Clipped In Races. Clint trains on many of these trails regularly and has always wanted to create an event to showcase the area. The inspiration for this stemmed from putting together a point-to-point race on trails that have never had a mountain bike race before. The stage format is an effort to provide an social racing experience like none other which correlates with a course like none other.